1 marketing tip startups must know about!!

A startup that has more than $34k on their account is lucky enough to be among the richest 1% of the world’s companies and population in general. The ‘magic bullet’ purportedly used is in succeeding is actually non-existent. Kai wulff, an access field development director at Google Uganda, affirms to this because they are many ways one can follow to succeed, though disguised under an umbrella. Let’s call it The umbrella factor for starters.

Well, where budgets are on a shoe string basis, marketing is one of the least thought about strategies to gruesomely attack by many startups. Some companies mistakenly think it is a onetime stunt instead of appreciating that it is indeed 24/7. Many have read quick tips on how to coup 1000 followers in 5minutes, attended workshops about making it through shortcuts but here is one thing your mentor has not yet articulated!!

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