Elevate the waiter…


At the chime of the clock, seconds ‘tick-tock’ away
A blank stare at the clock drastically slows down time
If time really flies, then the clock must be out of its mind,
Maybe I am paranoid, maybe I am not patient enough
I am very idle, with nothing to eat and nothing to do
I need an elevation, it’s worth the wait anyway, I will wait

Elevate the waiters and waiteress,
Amid jeers, leers and cheers, you get the services,
Service grossed by smiles to hide pain faced through,
navigating the hustles and bustles of the day,
A good deed deserves another, they call it tipping.
Elevate the waiter, a life or two will be changed

Suddenly, electricity goes off the grand building,
A dark tan and awkward silence caresses the vicinity,
Many shrills of fear go down the elevator occupants,
Dr. Frankenstein may stroll from his humane skin
Oh, that was in a movie but reality meets perception here,
missed appointments, hampered emergencies among others
All shattered in seven seconds of waiting. Damn the elevator