Kampala exposed: ‘WikiLeaks’ of Uganda??

If social media were on a runway,it would be moving at the speed of light.That wouldn’t be a ‘mith’.(pun intended).

Look,social media’s sporadic growth by far has not spared the barriers set by the traditional forms of media.The worst bit is, the latter is miserably playing catchup.


Photo Credit: serc.carleton.edu

The fuss,yes..every bit of it.

In Uganda,different groups of people are using social media to leverage their grievances especially through facebook and twitter.Apparently a one Kembabazi(unconfirmed identity)armed with the charisma of exposing rot in society,has mastered the art of spilling dogma about sensitive and controversial stories without budging in resolve amid the fierce exchange of insults with foes.As the page in question commands a huge following,it easily recoups the same users upon its resurrection from the social media limbo of closed pages,oppa gangnam boomerang style!!

Actually i would kill to have those 2000+ hits on my blog but ofcourse unobtrusively.

From the archives…

This trend of relentlessly feeding the public on classified info. is not new,Julian Assange,the estranged founder of WikiLeaks spearheaded for the open sharing of information by leaking classified U.S dossiers – this time through an Anonymous backed website with multifaceted redirect links and mirrors as antidotes just incase it got pulled down;this is quite a fortune to bank on for serialized hypothetical analyses.Perhaps this is why Ugandans opt for the free social media platforms.
Unfortunately,when using social media,’hate’ speech on a page is subject to suspension or even closure if reported.Generally one is at the mercy of the social networks,not even the data belongs to them.

The underlying truth is that social media users are anxious and like contributing to stories  without necessarily ascertaining the facts.Users are very very tired of consuming 100% content passively from the other media platform such as tv.They want to get engaged.

Furthermore ,remember the man who once put the government under untold pressure??Julius Ceasar Gamisha’s Twakoowa page was an example of modern day incognito kind of spilling of beans.It wasn’t long before the page disappeared into oblivion,perharps Gamisha was given a few kilogrammes of bucks to close shop!Who knows!?


The most interesting aspect about social media is that it can be used within a short time to give a huge exposure.Probably during this love-to-hate strategy you should be ready for the innuendos involved.


Even if common adage has it that there is no smoke without fire,ambivalence always takes centre position.Be the judge!


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