Balancing the equation(Non complacency)!!

I begin with this guy who grabbed a glass of water and partially quenched his thirst instead of looking at it as half full or perharps half empty.

“Entrepreneurship is a way of looking at the world and seeing not just obstacles, but opportunities” – Secretary of State,US,Hilary Clinton.

The moral of the prelude is to clearly show how optimists, pessimists or conspiracy theorists would have viewed the glass of water.The veracity of this claim is further asserted by the verbatim.

Various ideologies have played a key role in the obliteration of society under social stratification.I will blame this on high levels of misinformation,particularly spearheaded by high levels or illeteracy or even unwillingness by the literate to ascertain the validity of the subject matter.

Our generation,the information age,comes first in tandem it’s predecessors interms of superiority.However,the dearth of potential by the populace in using information is an unenvied predicament.

The current trend of mobile usage as a carrier of information plays a very vital role.
In Africa,3G accounts for 11% continent’s mobile subscription vis-a-vis 2G’s 62.7% – 300,000 of these a low-end smartphones.Well,on the international these stats may be disturbingly embarassing BUT let us look at the positive side!!


If deviance to a central class is prerequiste for information dissemenation,so be it.Complacency has outlived it’s toleration time.Time to balance the equation!!


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