My experience with Photography.

A picture is worth a thousand words!!Cliché, right!?

What if I say that the future lies in your hands, so does your smartphone, and so does your camera.

The advent of the smartphone has turned us all into photographers. Gone are the days when we would encounter those moments that made you wish you had a camera on hand. Instead, our phones can easily capture those candid, unexpected and artful moments we come across.

According to me, photography is the art or science of capturing moments as a way of expressing feelings, storytelling through visual communication. The curiosity exhibited by folks, especially professionals, creates such amazing pictures that report and communicate even if it is at the expense of their freedom. Curiosity killed the cat! How about the kitten? Please let’s think about it.
The kind of photos entirely depends on the photographer’s intuition and niche. Often a good quality camera doesn’t save the situation if you don’t uphold some of the basic essential principles.

Below is a collection of pics i took personally with my 3.15 mega pixel smartphone camera. Kindly note that am an amateur in this trade (kitten) and the pics are not edited.





The $ky is the limit.


2 thoughts on “My experience with Photography.

  1. great shots… photography is awesome u get to keep all the precious memories a camera is one good investment for sure… i would not hesitate when getting one and snap away…

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