Balancing the equation(Non complacency)!!

I begin with this guy who grabbed a glass of water and partially quenched his thirst instead of looking at it as half full or perharps half empty.

“Entrepreneurship is a way of looking at the world and seeing not just obstacles, but opportunities” – Secretary of State,US,Hilary Clinton.

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My experience with Photography.

A picture is worth a thousand words!!Cliché, right!?

What if I say that the future lies in your hands, so does your smartphone, and so does your camera.

The advent of the smartphone has turned us all into photographers. Gone are the days when we would encounter those moments that made you wish you had a camera on hand. Instead, our phones can easily capture those candid, unexpected and artful moments we come across.

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7 quick essential tips for mobile photograhy

By taking good images, you convey your story effectively and draw people in. Essentially, the same principles of traditional photography should be applied to mobile photography. Enjoy as you read on:

1. Good Lighting = Good Photos
Good photos are made with good lighting. Before you start taking photos, look a little closer and notice when the light is falling nicely on everyday objects. To use the phone’s built-in light sensor, tap the area on screen where you want to expose to lock the focus and exposure. Before,i only knew about good lighting as the only essential.Enjoy the pics i took here!

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