1 marketing tip startups must know about!!

A startup that has more than $34k on their account is lucky enough to be among the richest 1% of the world’s companies and population in general. The ‘magic bullet’ purportedly used is in succeeding is actually non-existent. Kai wulff, an access field development director at Google Uganda, affirms to this because they are many ways one can follow to succeed, though disguised under an umbrella. Let’s call it The umbrella factor for starters.

Well, where budgets are on a shoe string basis, marketing is one of the least thought about strategies to gruesomely attack by many startups. Some companies mistakenly think it is a onetime stunt instead of appreciating that it is indeed 24/7. Many have read quick tips on how to coup 1000 followers in 5minutes, attended workshops about making it through shortcuts but here is one thing your mentor has not yet articulated!!

Winning the influencers’ trust to act as a springboard to elevate the popularity your product comes in handy and easy to achieve. They need not necessarily be tabloid kind of headlines people but people worth the effort of buying coffee for. In a Ugandan’s undercover view, I would call that ‘bribing’ (Even James Bond in Skyfall alludes to that). Look, give the deejay a few bucks, or probably another shot of tequila, pretend to feel his vibe and leggo your song is on heavy rotation, thereby ending up as a chart busting jam. Feels easy, doesn’t it?

Dear startups, that is called Pareto’s principle a.k.a the 80/20 rule, It is a common rule of thumb from this principle that a marketer reaches 80% of the target market using 20% of resources. When Google, in a desperate attempt to promote Google+, graciously pampers local developers at a customized  event, its more than the learning sessions to the developers. The event in question acts as an incentive for their promotional message to reach out the masses, using these so called nerds that have a huge following on the local scene. Who doesn’t want to look tech savvy anyway? Also you have heard of those opulent media parties thrown by corporates perhaps on boat cruises to act as PR stunts to heinously improve their images, the contraband information will surely be written over by scribes(influencers) in their subsequent Op-ed’s. Cognitive facts have it that  a dumb person influences at least 18 people in their lifetime, by default a normal person influences a pretty higher number! Of course too much of anything is always bad; Hipstamatic can testify the outcomes of throwing unnecessary promotional feel good parties.



The above pics show a catalogue of events from the g|uganda summit, recent orangeexpo12, engagement of techies in a panel session at a very recent mobile monday event at hivecolab in conjuction with smile communications uganda

While many stumbling blocks hit majority of the startups into resolve, they get so drowsed into their failures and forget to plot comebacks. They actually forget that there is no defined way to success but rather deployment of many key methods under an umbrella. By the way, for every startup that makes headlines in silicon valley/ cape/ savannah, there are thousands that have failed to break through the mainstream however game changing they may seem.

Here is the raw deal, as you set out on the journey to canvass support, work on the user experience first, and look past vanity metrics because you have to catch the influencer’s eye. Regardless of the budget, by heading this way you are actually widening your net worth, establishing contacts, getting volunteers, pro bono workers, cheap labour and probably meeting the co founder(s) or venture capitalist(s) of your dreams.

Talk of shooting many birds with a stone!!But still it is not a “magic bullet” it’s a stone bro!!


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