10 reasons why MUK is uganda summarized…

Whichever official entry point you use to enter Muk, you must encounter an elevated topography. Well, that’s the signature hill for you. In pursuit for academic excellence, various Ugandans from all walks of life toil to make it up there. This is characteristic of the hustle Ugandans face, perhaps there are even more strings attached as by this blog post.

Prof. Barya!! Please stand up for public consumption for making it top of the list, the estranged former V.C of the great institution is a living mascot and evidence that indeed centralized organizations suffer massive corruption, deceit, prejudice, violence and multitudes of breeds of escapades without proper track of events. Unfortunately these “don’ts” are replicated in the running of government systems.

2.Social media craze;
The day our maid sent me a facebook friend request, is the day I realized that the social media virus had gotten to the core. This wave is carried from the university right to the local communities, here; everyone is a photographer, a blogger, coach…as long as it is in line with social media.

3.Imbalance in the same sector;
Y’all have seen where a road is distant enough to separate a ghetto from a high class area. This is a normal view in Muk, Faculty of Technology clearly shows why close proximity is not reason enough for balance in the same sector.


3.Appalling change of state of new structures;
It’s cliché that new is always better, what happens when the only condition for this to happen is better is always new. The laws of depreciation definitely don’t allow this kind of stagnation. The half life of these newly built structures is lower than those of 1.5V batteries. It so terrific!! Below is the pic of the newly renovated Nkrumah hall (0n the left) but let’s not forget that Nsibirwa hall was that fresh a few months ago.



Just like the capital, Kampala, Wandegeya is located at heart of makerere and is such a beehive of activities. The nucleus is so intense that almost all economic activites are carried out in within a distance of a stone’s throw. Let’s look at it in this way, Speke road, Kimombasa, Katwe, Gulu, Kabale are all summarized in Wandegeya, it’s a prototype of sorts.

We are lucky to be blessed with freedom of expression (err..Dressing) ,however,  the novelty of the fashion industry is not to  blame for the continued abuse of fashion. Luckily there is no stipulated punishment to the criminals. How do you explain pips who wear lamp wicks as belts, Jesus!!

6.Cars and footsubishi;
The notion behind the failed Walk-to-work protests is due to the astronomical fuel prices – in contrast, the reverse is actually true!! Well, bottom truth is there are very  few car owners in Uganda in relation to the population. Similarly in Muk, majority have a pair of heels in common parlance to footsubishi as a means of transport. The ONLY college kid who is lucky enough to swerve his Ferrari Gt300 is a unicorn, I repeat unicorn!!

As by the rules set by nature, inequality will always be there regardless of the segmentation of the market. That is why area like Bwaise and Kololo exist. In Makerere, Kagugube is for the high class, Kikoni (dustville) and Kikumi christened dollar dollar are places for the other class. Seeing is believing!!

9.Improper diet (kikomando factor);
Majority of Makerereans and Ugandans at large are known for living from hand to mouth, probably a dollar per day. One of my friends suggested starting up a gym around the campus but quickly realized it was not economically feasible, reason? Improper diet (no body works out on an empty stomach)!!Maybe that is why Uganda has failed to qualify for CAF finals for the last 3 decades. You don’t field a “Rolex powered” player against a well feed Demba Ba..Impossible!

The whole world knows that Ugandans love to sip the bitter stuff, and so do the Makerereans. Drop a tot pack, vodka, “UG”, gin, beer and you will have made someone’s day. The bars in and around stand witness to this! We just love to party!


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