Ugandans use social media to air their views..

On a chilly morning of 5th November 2012, the seemingly cunning sun rays slowly broke into the vicinity creating a pleasant ambience.

The national examinations body had marked this date as the commencement of the Primary Leaving Examinations(PLE).However many of the ardent social media users were caught unaware except those with acquitances related in the aforementioned primary level.

The sun rays action on Serotonin triggered twitter users into a trend the has gone enormously viral.The trend originally started by The talkative rocker alias beewol made headlines as it was taken on by multitudes of local tweeps.Many of them,took the to spotlight in exposing the flaws in government,companies and the like with such sarcasm,satire and ferocity! From stats it could have made it to the worlwide trends save for the few misunderstood technicalities.Unfortunately many of these primary seven lads can’t access(not signed up) twitter.

This is indeed relevation that Ugandans and Africans at large are ready for social media as a platform for change, freedom of speech as well as airing their grievances.Power indeed lies in the hands of the people,Let’s use it to impact a change.


2 thoughts on “Ugandans use social media to air their views..

  1. The rate at which we are adopting social media and they way some the people has used is encouraged. I have seen people having weekly discussions on twitter about issues that affect us.One particular group in Zimbabwe use #263Chat hashtag to discuss issues about Zimbabwe and have managed to bring together people from all walks of life towards one objective, better future.

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