Going mobile..

“Desktop is a conquered,mobile is the battlefield”..as stated on a social media trending topic via @FastCompany.The wave of mobile usage and adjustments made in line have not spared anyone because of the ferocity with which it travels.

Cognitive research shows that about 76% of internet traffic in sub Saharan Africa is through mobile,it forecasts a significant increase in the near future.Furthermore,about 57% of American adults are active users of handheld mobile devices.Why the sudden change??The influx of better advancements in technology have played a key role in the convinience and the ease with which mobile technology is has been deployed.

To test my fears,we are living in a generation where technologies are quickly becoming obsolete.Moore’s law further asserts this! Forexample updating my blog on a public network using a laptop was practically impossible because of the terrible bandwidth besides the massive security flaws however,i rectified this issue by usage of the wordpress android app and am touching to upload.Look,mobile makes problems subtle like that!

Practically extra features that can’t be found on PC’s such as GPS,accelerometer..come in handy to boost the user experience.Besides,mobile is mobile,that is why it is more than portable.

…to be continued


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