Laissez les venir…

The clash between the French and the English Nomads brought the sychronisation or rather mixture of words from either language.The creation of this dialect was as a result of trying to break the barrier set by communication.

Relationship managers use this tactic to boost the synergy levels amongst their clientele by identifying with them through language,picking a few local lines and they become good to go.Effective communication is voluntarily taken on lest hearing would be substitute for listening,to the speakers,frustration may arise hence a terrible presentation.

“Laissez les venir” is parlance to let them come..look regardless of those thorny illusions lingering through your mind,that attention seeking blonde in the audience..let the flow through.The subconsious mind is 30,000 times capable of quelling yo mental,audio-visual and physical qualms.

Its only through communication,effective communication at that that you will pitch/buy ideas.The Nile flows seamlessy and reaches its destination,let them come!!


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