Going mobile:part II

Remember the euphoria you exhibited when you played your first super Mario computer game, when you made the little dude jump from level to another accomplishing tasks, it felt genius!!..Most definitely on that old donated desktop computer in the school computer laboratory.

How about when you first touched a cell phone?

Wake Up!! We are living in a smart generation where freedom rules with smart learning, smart phones (devices). Reminiscent thoughts aforementioned usually occur to me in my past time, I sit as if I were curved of stone, blood seems to have congealed because of some of the recent trending technologies that have been fast paced in breaking the barriers set in the recent past by ‘dumb’ technologies.
Besides super hardware capabilities, mobile apps are the face of smart phones. Wikipedia defines  Mobile applications as  application software  developed for low-power handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones. These applications can be pre-installed on phones during manufacture, downloaded by customers from various mobile software distribution platforms, or delivered as web applications. Multitudes of apps ranging from social media such as Facebook and twitter, health, games, leisure etc. are the daily ordeal of the users as they are addictive. Majority of the urban population falls in this category because of an influx of cheap low end smart devices in the local market.  
In Makerere University Kampala, a wave of mobile developers have been sporadically sired by the Abdu Sekalala game changing story. ”Abdu Ssekalala only 22 and already a billionaire – at least in Uganda where he lives. IT student Abdu Sekalala has made a fortune designing mobile phone Apps. His applications have rivalled some of the world’s most popular platforms in downloads………Wordbook is among the most successful. It earns him 1.25 dollars everytime it’s downloaded. So far that’s over 300,000 times – making him some 375,000 U.S. dollars.$375,000 in Uganda is serious money in fact: you’d normally have to go into politics to have a hope of  beating that.”[sic]

The purpose of retelling this story from Reuters is not just to marvel at the story itself but to show the entrepreneurial and passionate young lads that, they can earn a dime from software/mobile development. You don’t need to be green to go green, the mobile ecosystem favours us all. Amazing tools for development on platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows are free/cheap as well as accessible. All you need is your mind driven by passion.
Remember it’s not a one man show, nobody plays superman  except Chuck Norris,team work actually works.

[…to be continued:]

Mwesigwa Daniel Bsc Land Economics II is a self-taught developer and designer, a tech enthusiast, blogger, amateur writer, valuation surveyor in the making. He is in an odyssey with an ambiance to die for. Follow him on twitter and facebook.


Going mobile..

“Desktop is a conquered,mobile is the battlefield”..as stated on a social media trending topic via @FastCompany.The wave of mobile usage and adjustments made in line have not spared anyone because of the ferocity with which it travels.

Cognitive research shows that about 76% of internet traffic in sub Saharan Africa is through mobile,it forecasts a significant increase in the near future.Furthermore,about 57% of American adults are active users of handheld mobile devices.Why the sudden change??The influx of better advancements in technology have played a key role in the convinience and the ease with which mobile technology is has been deployed.

To test my fears,we are living in a generation where technologies are quickly becoming obsolete.Moore’s law further asserts this! Forexample updating my blog on a public network using a laptop was practically impossible because of the terrible bandwidth besides the massive security flaws however,i rectified this issue by usage of the wordpress android app and am touching to upload.Look,mobile makes problems subtle like that!

Practically extra features that can’t be found on PC’s such as GPS,accelerometer..come in handy to boost the user experience.Besides,mobile is mobile,that is why it is more than portable.

…to be continued

Laissez les venir…

The clash between the French and the English Nomads brought the sychronisation or rather mixture of words from either language.The creation of this dialect was as a result of trying to break the barrier set by communication.

Relationship managers use this tactic to boost the synergy levels amongst their clientele by identifying with them through language,picking a few local lines and they become good to go.Effective communication is voluntarily taken on lest hearing would be substitute for listening,to the speakers,frustration may arise hence a terrible presentation.

“Laissez les venir” is parlance to let them come..look regardless of those thorny illusions lingering through your mind,that attention seeking blonde in the audience..let the flow through.The subconsious mind is 30,000 times capable of quelling yo mental,audio-visual and physical qualms.

Its only through communication,effective communication at that that you will pitch/buy ideas.The Nile flows seamlessy and reaches its destination,let them come!!