Breaking the chains to achieving full employment and entrepreneurship

In 1987, Gabula, a student at Makerere University was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Such an uncouth punishment for the young rookie who was 17 years at that time.

What landed him such a jail sentence would beat any sane person’s imagination.

An essay!

The award winning essay sponsored by BBC elucidated the case of false economics as the reason for the underdevelopment of Africa and what could be done to moot the discrepancies. Citing Gabula’s fast rising international popularity, the government fabricated terrorism charges that landed him into the coolers.

The essence of the aforementioned story is to introduce to you the matrix of factors affecting the youth in attaining acceptable levels of full employment and entrepreneurship.

Undeniably, there are millions of less known scenarios like Gabula’s; whereas not all end up in prisons, many are locked up in traditional jobs for the best part of their hey days. Think about it: A very brilliant mind graduates with a first class honours in commerce, recruited immediately by a respectable organization, assigned a six figure monthly salary and awarded a very lucrative lifetime contract. That may seem as a dream come true, but the bottom line may dictate that one holds that job and not venture into private practice.

To convince one out of these inducements is close to impossible. Those in such places of job affluence enjoy the privileges pertinent over the majority, who are either unemployed or underemployed.

On the contrary, some youths are borne to entrepreneurship as the only means to survival. Decades after Gabula’s essay, his analogy remains very sensible; he said that the service sector is part of consumption and not production. And most of the business currently created by the youth cling more onto the service sector side. However, this doesn’t only keep the business small but also at the perpetual dependency to a number of volatile factors for example death of the entrepreneur often would lead to death of the business too.

I understand, the businesses formed on the meritocracy of the cyber space have extremely low initial costs and seem to promise extra ordinary profits in the least possible time. This is such a wrong sensation that has deprived the youth of their creative and innovative powers. They are quick enough to get involved in businesses whose stakes are deemed high such as sports betting.

Let’s not forget that today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow. According to UNFPA, the population of the youth accounts for a quarter of the world’s population. Now, in Uganda alone, those below the age of 35 account for about 78% of the population. Unfortunately, over 62% of the same group, according to an Action Aid study, remain unemployed – one of the highest levels of unemployment in the world.

These are worrying statistics and alot of work is needed to bolster our hopes for the future.

The representative governments and stakeholders such as academia and NGOs ought to create frameworks that promote job creation and entrepreneurship. Unfortunately, the youth that would have taken up entrepreneurial initiatives are employed full time. And, on the other hand, those with the will lack the resources to start enterprises. Alongside the lack of sufficient skills to fill the few available jobs.

In the past decade, Uganda has experienced strong GDP growth, averaging 7% annually, but this has not generated jobs, a trend seen across the continent. Therefore, the youth that will win are those that will venture into job making rather than job seeking. And those that will not be frustrated by the stakeholders in power – like how Gabula was frustrated..


Tribute to Mac Elvis #Mr2013

A tribute to Mac Elvis MrTwentythirteen

I have no poem, no fancy words, no catch phrases but will
re-pen the lyrics of the song that inspired  me 
CHURCH BOY by Mac Elvis ft. Elandre. 

R.I.P Elvis


Yeaah,Christ there for life (for life)
Church boy in the building, Mac Elvis..
Christ there for life (for life) Elandre..c’mon

*verse 1*

Full of time
Time again I think about You (You)
Next thing thing I visualize You (You)
I am so into You (You)
Glad I found You
It’s just about the time I represent You (You)
You’re You’re for sure
I talk about you in every place I go
Ekyo kinkola misana na kiro
Kubanga mu mutiima gwange Yesu gwe aliyo
Like Sami K, Lord You show me love
Nuff a dem praise but You take me above
On wings like an eagle
I got the Christ swag for my ego

Am a church boy
Obyo’buyaye nabivako
Obyo’bulimba n’obukusa nze nsazewo

Am a church boy
Mundeke ngende no’no
Asingira mu bangi

Am a church boy
Obyo’buyaye nabivako
Obyo’bulimba n’obukusa nze nsazewo

Mundeke ngende  no’no Yesu
Yansingira obulungi

*verse 2*

Nzijukila wewanzagila ebintu by’ensi byali bintamwe
Nga nziitoweredwa obulamu mwattu nga bunyize
Nali nvakuyiya ng’olunaku lu nzase
Nga ne’kyemisana nga tekyalabise
Wewa nsagila mu bilabo nga ntamidde
Wansubiza omukwano gwekizadde
Ebilungi byona byonkoledde
Sirikusula nze ndayide (sirikusula)
(Another reason to sing this song)
(Christ is the King, Christ is the Lord of the ring | Christ is the music on your ringtone
..Christ be the reason why I sing)


*verse 3*

You can describe me whatever way you want
You can even call me whatever name you want
Even if you ridicule me, I ain’t stopping
Am’a keep moving rhymes,am’a keeping droppin’
Go against me, you’ll be gone against God
You don’t wana do that
Yeah, you better let God
Handle His business coz you’re the only reason
He died on the cross and he had to be bleeding
Suffer that shame for sake of the heathen
He is the only God who is not dead He is risen
The only reason why I am not dead and still breathin’
He became (foxed?) for the sake (in this season)
So I am freezing
Think about all the beating
You can call me  church boy
I’ll be still preachin’
You can witness this in this real flo (Oh Oh..)
(I got the Christ swag for my ego)

*Chorus and Outro*

Elevate the waiter…


At the chime of the clock, seconds ‘tick-tock’ away
A blank stare at the clock drastically slows down time
If time really flies, then the clock must be out of its mind,
Maybe I am paranoid, maybe I am not patient enough
I am very idle, with nothing to eat and nothing to do
I need an elevation, it’s worth the wait anyway, I will wait

Elevate the waiters and waiteress,
Amid jeers, leers and cheers, you get the services,
Service grossed by smiles to hide pain faced through,
navigating the hustles and bustles of the day,
A good deed deserves another, they call it tipping.
Elevate the waiter, a life or two will be changed

Suddenly, electricity goes off the grand building,
A dark tan and awkward silence caresses the vicinity,
Many shrills of fear go down the elevator occupants,
Dr. Frankenstein may stroll from his humane skin
Oh, that was in a movie but reality meets perception here,
missed appointments, hampered emergencies among others
All shattered in seven seconds of waiting. Damn the elevator


Kampala exposed: ‘WikiLeaks’ of Uganda??

If social media were on a runway,it would be moving at the speed of light.That wouldn’t be a ‘mith’.(pun intended).

Look,social media’s sporadic growth by far has not spared the barriers set by the traditional forms of media.The worst bit is, the latter is miserably playing catchup.


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Balancing the equation(Non complacency)!!

I begin with this guy who grabbed a glass of water and partially quenched his thirst instead of looking at it as half full or perharps half empty.

“Entrepreneurship is a way of looking at the world and seeing not just obstacles, but opportunities” – Secretary of State,US,Hilary Clinton.

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